Saint Rémy is located in the centre of a triangle formed by the Alpilles mountain chain, the Luberon hills and Camargue plains in the department of Bouches du Rhône. Major sights and renown places such as Les Beaux de Provence, Arles, Nimes and Avignon.

More off-beaten attractions are within a mere distance of 10 to 20 kilometres, making excursions a most suitable and joyful daily activity. The proximity to the airports and train stations (TGV) of Avignon and Marseille also makes the city itself easily reached by air, rail and road.

Saint Rémy de Provence

A steady flow of festivities and art happenings give the town its typical rhythm and an atmosphere that has inspired numerous painters, writers, and musicians to settle down in this vibrant village of less than 10,000 inhabitants. To the past record of famous painters belongs Vincent Van Gogh, who completed more than 150 paintings during his Saint Rémy period in 1889- 90.

The festive scene, building on the town’s rich historical and cultural heritage, offers a number of varied events including exhibitions, concerts, music festivals, weekly markets, and bull races. Add to that, a range of picturesque restaurants, elegant boutiques, art galleries, and local museums. Just walking along the narrow, winding streets of the town will exhibit the architectural heritage of Saint Rémy, dating back to the Middle Ages and Renaissance. And should you wish to balance your cultural explorations with more sportive moves, a full scale 18- hole golf course is at your disposal only ten minutes away from the town centre, as well as a local tennis court.

The multifaceted town of Saint Rémy has given way for a stream of returning visitors that seek for a sophisticated yet creative setting where quality of living is a key chord in every day life. Saint Remy de Provence not only offers a myriad of things to do and enjoy, it is also an ideal starting point for anyone who wish to discover the region of Provence.


The diversity of things to explore in the region of Provence may just about match every possible interest and wish. Whether longing for relaxation and sunbathing hours with toes dipped in the Ocean or curious to discover the creations of a distinct flora and fauna, whether desiring to slip into your hiking shoes and ramble peaking mountains or dreaming of letting yourself be swept away by breathtaking natural sceneries from the back of a horse, whether in need of a lesson in history or just craving for an exceptional gastronomical experience with Mediterranean flavours, your wish will be met.

Travelers, holidaymakers and all type of explorers will find an activity, an excursion or an adventure that might just triumph their expectations. May we for example suggest a visit to:

Camargue – 49 kilometres from St Rémy.
Discover Western Europe’s largest river delta and its lagoons: a natural reserve that host more than 400 species of birds including the pink flamingo. And should you rather fancy the animal species, bulls and Camargue horses will be there to greet you with their colourful fame. The seaside resort Saintes Maries de la Mer also offers you the possibility to discover the salt marshes and endless sundrenched beaches from the horseback.

Alpilles – 15 kilometres from St Rémy
Take a 25 kilometres long stroll alongside sharp peaked hills, sunflowers and olive trees, or head vertically – risk-free of mountain sickness – and view this mountainous countryside from an altitude of 493 metres above ground.

L’Isle sur la Sorgue – 24 kilometres from St Rémy
Ever looked for an art market the size of a village? L’Isle sur Sourge is the premium haven for antique lovers and art collectors. More than 500 antique dealers and second hand dealers awaits you with their treasures lined up along the maze of narrow streets, canals and river branches that make up this little “Venice of Provence”.

Local outdoor markets
Visit the various local open markets that offer everything from flowers, the latest sea catch and appetizing delicacies to a range of general goods, clothing items and housing objects. Strolling between the endless stalls and local vendors not only feeds your senses but also gives you a glimpse of everyday life in Provence. Local market days serve as much of a practical as a social function for the community residents.


Whether your taste buds are flattered by red, rosé or white, the vineyards and wine producers of Provence will allow you to savor some of the best wines in their respective categories. Why not have a taste of Provencal rosé in the cellar of one of the world’s most renowned vineyards and learn how the grape is ripened to perfection? La Maison Saint Rémy d’Isidore will be glad to provide you with a list of more known vineyards and wine producers in the area.

We will also be pleased to give you further suggestions of activities and excursions to match your aspirations.